Why DealerPlus+ from Frank Hamilton Sims Insurance?

While other carriers are increasing deductibles, reducing coverages, or deleting coverages altogether, DealerPlus+ continues to offer endorsements, which enhance overall insurance protection.  More importantly, you get 40 years experience and expertise of the most trusted agents in Dealership insurance.

Why should a vehicle dealer choose DealerPlus+ over a direct writing insurer?

NO “vanilla” policies!  There is no such thing as “one size fits ALL”.  Every client has his/her own unique business situation.  Mega-dealerships, dealerships with multi-state locations, and mid-to-small size family-owned operations, have the opportunity to choose from a broad spectrum of carriers and coverages with DealerPlus+.

How does DealerPlus+ benefit both its Insureds and Select Agents?

The same caliber of service is given to both Dealer and Agent.  YOU determine our level of involvement.  We can handle the tough stuff.  Frank Hamilton Sims Insurance monitors MVRs, issues Certificates, manages Claims, while keeping you informed.  Our focus is to maintain and retain you for the long term.  This allows you more time to sell vehicles as a Dealer or, as a Select Agent, more time to market superior insurance products like ours.

How can DealerPlus+ coverage improve your bottom line?

Risk management assistance, such as pre-hire MVR monitoring, payment plan options, on-site inspections, and investigative services are DealerPlus+ advantages.  Less red-tape, fewer forms, paperless policies, direct contact with the policy writer, ALL of these innovations save your time and money.

How can DealerPlus+ claims service minimize claims and their costs?

In the event of a Claim or potential claim, our decades of experience allow us to inform you on what to expect.  We are totally involved in your claim.  We offer expert advice on how and when to react.  We keep you informed while we move your claim to its quickest and best resolution.

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